Online Marketing Tips to Engage More Followers on Social Media

Social media has changed online marketing since entrepreneurs discovered its potential for promoting their business. In fact, according to AdWeek, 79% of business owners say that social media is the most effective channel for business-to-business brands.

Despite the fact that business owners spend only about 15 percent of their budgets on social media, it still yields one of the most impressive results for them. Here are some online marketing tips for companies in Peterborough and beyond that want to engage their followers and create a commanding presence on social media platforms.


Helpful Social Media Marketing Tips In Time for Back-To-School Crunch

Back-to-school season is just around the corner, and businesses are stepping up their game to reach out to students and their parents. Five key product areas enjoy heavy sales during the back-to-school season: books, apparel and accessories; computers and consumer electronics; music and video; toys and hobby; and office equipment and supplies.

If your business is offering these products, using social media in your marketing strategy should be top priority. More than at any other time since social media caught fire among internet users, recommendations from social media have become just as influential, if not more so, than word-of-mouth. Your business can leverage social media marketing to your advantage through these following approaches:

Reaching Out to Teenagers

You can make students excited to go back to school by posting aspirational ideas that they can view on their mobile phones.

Online Marketing Tips for Environment-Friendly Contractors in Peterborough Region

When a prospect in Ontario, however, is looking for a remodelling project that involves “green” and sustainable materials and techniques, it may become increasingly challenging for you to land the job. How do you let your prospects know you are the right company to choose? How do you ensure they find you amidst thousands of competitors in the construction industry?

It’s time for your company to consider online marketing in Peterborough through firms like While many Canadians are starting to embrace “green” construction methods for their remodels, and acknowledge the benefits of recycling and sustainable goals for energy savings and lower carbon emissions, “green” contractors are still not that prominent in the crowd of builders. Without proper positioning and marketing, you could easily fade among other companies that don’t support sustainable practices.